International Feature Films Exhibition

International Feature Films Exhibition

From the 6th to the 10th of December. Teatro Salón Cervantes


We have been screening our international exhibit of feature films for many years now. It was associated with the festival and began immediately after ALCINE came to a close. This has however been one of the strangest and most complex years in terms of film releases. As a result of the pandemic and the fact that movie theatres were closed and then reopened, but with numerous restrictions and tiny audiences, a lot of films were not released in commercial theatres, or their releases were delayed or made directly on a range of platforms. This situation had a major impact on the calendar of releases and its normal diverse nature. Many films were not released or could not be screened in movie theatres and, therefore, were released exclusively on platforms. 

However, since many traditional awards ceremonies were held, we are now able schedule some of the year’s best films, which we have managed to get our hands on, and which have not been programmed in prior sessions of ALCINE Club. So now that the year is reaching its end and the situation is beginning to improve, the movie theatres are starting to be more ambitious and to screen a larger quantity of films, and the situation appears to be beginning to return to normal. 

This is great news for anybody who enjoys the big screen, watching films in a group and the ritual that accompanies cinema in the movie theatres. The International Exhibit of Feature Films is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some of the year’s best films on the big screen in a dark movie theatre.




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International Feature Film Exhibition (5)
Estados Unidos. 2020. Color. 108 min.
  • Film Director: Chloé Zhao.
  • Francia. 2021. Color. 140 min.
  • Film Director: Leos Carax.
  • Estados Unidos. 2021. Color. 115 min.
  • Film Director: Lee Isaac Chung.
  • Dinamarca. 2020. Color. 115 min.
  • Film Director: Thomas Vinterberg.
  • España. 2021. 105 min.
  • Film Director: Juanjo Giménez.