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Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of November. 

Salón de actos. Antiguo Hospital de Santa María la Rica


ALCINE always reserves space for professionals, a forum for debate, meetings and the exhibition and presentation of publications and initiatives related to cinema in general and short films in particular. 


In addition to screenings, official and parallel sections, exhibitions and street activities, a festival is a place for debate, a meeting point for the industry, at which we promote encounters and discussions and publicise major new initiatives for distributors, agencies, festivals, etc. 


Red-hot issues such as the new challenges and journey to be travelled by cinema following the pandemic will not be ignored. And neither will other topics such as the role of women in film, an area in which things are changing fast and in which new initiatives, publications and studies are constantly appearing. 


There will also be space for new initiatives connecting short film with online platforms, one of the spaces in which the short film format has a long way to go and where specialist initiatives are beginning to appear globally. 

Saturday the 6th of November. 11:00 h. In collaboration with MYC. Mujeres y Cine

Presentation of the book; Interviews with contemporary Spanish film creators. Millions of things to do.


2017 was the year of the “MeToo” movement in which awareness was raised in relation to the disparity between men and women in the world of cinema. Spain also had its moment. At the Goya awards ceremony, various references were made in speeches to the situation of women in the film industry, which was the trigger for a series of movements that aimed to turn the spotlight on the situation of inequality between men and women filmmakers. 

Since then, spaces have been created to exhibit films made by women, thematic meetings have been organised related to the situation of women in film and laws have been enacted for the positive discrimination of women in this field in order to reverse a historically unfair and unequal situation.

At ALCINE, we have drawn up reports on the situation of women in short film for various publications and our 47th year was completely devoted to women, that same 2017.


This book is the result of these reflections and contains a series of interviews and meetings with women filmmakers (not just directors, but also photography directors, sound recorders, editors...) in the twentieth first century, whose voices are redesigning Spanish cinema, often from the fringes of the industry. The introduction outlines the context of this new dawn and the main lines of discourse, highlighting the emergence of more or less formal networks that enable collective thinking. The interviews, directed by specialists in Spanish film and accompanied by ad hoc portraits, explore their careers and lives, their artistic contributions and the particularities of their cinematic world from a gender perspective. The experiences of various filmmakers -in the fields of fiction, documentary and animation- offer a multi-sided view of contemporary cinema.


The editors

Marta Álvarez is a lecturer at the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté,

Besançon. Mar Binimelis-Adell is a lecturer at the University of Vic–Universitat Central in Catalonia. Elena Oroz is a lecturer at the University of Carlos III in Madrid. Annette Scholz is the international coordinator of ALCINE, the Alcalá de Henares / Comunidad de Madrid Film Festival. They are all members of the association MYC. Mujeres y Cine (Women and Cinema)




Saturday 6 November. 11:45 h. In collaboration with the Coordinadora del Cortometraje Español.

What now? Short films, distributors and festivals in the post-pandemic (I)


In two days, through an open and horizontal meeting between festivals, distributors, agencies of autonomous communities, associations and platforms, we will talk about the consequences of the pandemic in the world of short films. And also about the present and future of a format that never ceases to mutate and that must find its place again in the new and uncertain post-coronavirus era. These last 18 months have left many questions: what should be the role of platforms in relation to festivals after the boom of 2020, what is the position of distributors in the face of the repeated presence of short films on these platforms linked to festivals, to what extent does this new panorama affect short films, will the loss of spectators in commercial cinemas affect festival audiences, what should be preserved for short films and the short film industry, and what should be the future of short films? What has definitely changed during this period in the dissemination of short films? What role will festivals play from now on, what sense do they have in an increasingly globalised and delocalised medium? What measures and position are festivals taking in terms of sustainability? These and other important questions for the present and future of a fragile ecosystem such as the short film will be addressed by the key players in the short film industry.

Sunday the 7th of November. 11:00 h. 

Shorts TV platform presentation

‘TVCortos:  Making YOUR Short Films the World’s Leading Entertainment’


Carter Pilcher, Founder and CEO of Shorts International (the operator of multiple short film TV channels, including ShortsTV and TVCortos, and distributor of the Oscar Nominated Short Films theatrical release), will discuss the short film acquisition and distribution business and how to turn a short film into a major film career.


Sunday the 7th of November. 11:45 h. In collaboration with the Coordinadora del Cortometraje Español.

Now what? Post-pandemic short films and festivals. 


Second day of this open meeting between festivals, distributors, agencies of autonomous communities, associations and platforms around the consequences of the pandemic in the world of short films and the changes and evolution of the sector.



Millions of Things to Do
Now what? Post-pandemic short films and festivals
TVShorts: making his short films the main entertainment in the world