Language in Short Film

The Language in Short program is a program of European short films in original version, dedicated to foreign language students of of Secondary, Baccalaureate or Language Schools. English and French are the two blocks of short films that are shown with subtitles in the same language as the original of the short film.

If you are interested in having access to the films for later viewing, we will also provide you with access via streaming.

The English programme will be screened on the following dates:

NEW: Friday 5th of November, 10h
- Monday 8th of November, 10h fully booked and 12h *fully booked

- Tuesday 9th November, 12h *fully booked
- Wednesday 10th November, 10h *fully booked
- Thursday 11 November, 10h *fully booked and 12h *fully booked
- Tuesday 16th November, 10h *fully booked
- Wednesday 17th November, 12h *fully booked
- Thursday, November 18, 10h*fully booked and 12h *fully booked

The French programme will be screened on the following dates:

- Tuesday 9 November, 10h *fully booked
- Wednesday 10 November, 12h *fully booked
- Tuesday 16 November, 12h *fully booked


The German programme will be screened on the following date:

- Friday 5th of November, 12h 

The activities are free of charge and will take place at the Teatro Salón Cervantes in Alcalá de Henares.

For organisational reasons it is essential to book before the 22nd of October, through our online form.


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Language in Short (English)
Language in Short (French)
Language in Short (German)
Irlanda. 2021. Color. 18 min.
  • Film Director: Kevin Scott.
  • Reino Unido. 2021. Color. 23 min.
  • Film Director: Dan Bronzite.
  • Reino Unido. 2020. Color. 15 min.
  • Film Director: Ethosheia Hylton.
  • Reino Unido. 2021. Color. 5 min.
  • Film Director: Paloma López.
  • Francia. 2020. Color. 3 min.
  • Film Director: Baptiste Reszel; Kim-Chi Segard; Mathilde Vollekindt.
  • Francia. 2020. Color. 17 min.
  • Film Director: Florent Gouëlou.
  • Francia. 2020. Color. 8 min.
  • Film Director: Marine Blin.
  • Francia. 2021. Color. 11 min.
  • Film Director: Mikaël Gaudin.
  • Francia. 2020. Color. 24 min.
  • Film Director: Margaux Elouagari.
  • Alemania. 2020. Color. 17 min.
  • Film Director: Michael Schwarz.
  • Alemania. 2020. 30 min.
  • Film Director: Arkadij Khaet; Mickey Paatzsch.
  • Alemania. 2020. 16 min.
  • Film Director: Nele Dehnenkamp.
  • Alemania. 2020. 5 min.
  • Film Director: Henriette Rietz.