European Short Film Audience Award

European Short Film Audience Award

10 European short film festivals are happy to join forces to present you the second edition of the European Short Film Audience Award (ESFAA) : a selection of the very best European short films of last year awarded with a national audience award !

After winning the favour of their national audience, 9 short films are now on a quest to win the hearts of 511 million Europeans! It is now to the Spanish audience to vote for its favourite short film !

After a one year tour in the 10 festivals partners, the winner of the first European Short Film Audience Award will finally be announced in Brussels in April 2020 and will receive the Eueopean Short Film Audience Award. 

For this first edition, 9 short films will be screened in 2 programs. 

Festivals participating in the ESFAA: Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium), Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival (Portugal), Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz Art (Ukraine), Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival Bristol (United-Kingdom), Alcine - Festival de Cine Alcalá de Henares (Spain), Interfilm - International Short Film Festival Berlin (Germany), Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival (France), Tampere Film Festival (Finland), Short Waves Festival (Poland), Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen (Netherlands)



European Short Film Audience Award (1)
European Short Film Audience Award (2)
Alemania. 2020. Color. 17 min.
  • Film Director: Vogdt Joana.
  • Finlandia. 2021. Color. 26 min.
  • Film Director: Virpi Suutari.
  • Bélgica. 2019. Color. 21 min.
  • Film Director: Hippolyte Leibovici.
  • Portugal. 2020. Color. 15 min.
  • Film Director: Luis Costa.
  • Francia. 2020. Color. 24 min.
  • Film Director: Julien Goudichaux.
  • España. 2020. Color. 14 min.
    Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Nüll García.
  • Polonia. 2019. Color. 14 min.
  • Film Director: Daria Kasperek.
  • United Kingdom. 2019. Color. 11 min.
  • Film Director: Abraham Adeyemi.
  • Ucrania. 2019. Blanco/negro. 19 min.
  • Film Director: Ivan Orlenko.