Mutha & The Death Of Ham-Ma Fuku

España. 2021. Color. 26 min. Documental. .
  • Film Director: Daniel Suberviola.
  • Scriptwriter: José Manuel Martín Almeida; Daniel Suberviola.
  • Cast: Mutha ..
  • Cinematography: Ignacio Llarena; Daniel Suberviola.
  • Editing: Daniel Suberviola.
  • Music: .; Konik Polny.
  • Sound: Alex F. Capilla; Paloma Huelin; Francesco Lucarelli.
  • Producer: José Manuel Martín Almeida.

Mutha searches for antipersonnel mines in the Western Sahara Desert. Every day, she faces death. Every exploded landmine reminds her that she has saved a life, but also that a mine marked her destiny. She is not alone between the fire and the sand.

Daniel Suberviola

Daniel began his career as a screenwriter for the satirical program ‘Las Noticias del guiñol’. He has also worked as a radio and television reporter until he founded Asma Films. As a director, he has been nominated for the Goya with the film ‘El hombre que estaba allí’ and has directed nearly a dozen films, always at the service of the stories of excluded people and those immersed in conflicts that speak of the human condition.

"Manuel Chaves Nogales: El hombre que estaba allí" (2013) / "Paying to Go War" (2012) / "Biblioteca Nacional de España: La memoria del mañana" (2011) / "GTB x GTB" (2010)


  • · 11/06/2021 - 22:00 at Teatro Salón Cervantes