España. 2020. Color. 20 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Lucía Aleñar Iglesias.
  • Scriptwriter: Lucía Aleñar Iglesias.
  • Cast: Carla Castañé; Miquel Gelabert; Zoe Stein; Caterina Alorda.
  • Cinematography: Alana Mejía González.
  • Editing: Ana Pfaff.
  • Art director: Laura Santos.
  • Music: Shitkid ..
  • Sound: Nora Haddad.
  • Producer: Bàrbara Ferrer; Miriam Porté; Marta Cruañas.

Spending her summer in Mallorca, Antonia comes to recognize the latent similarities between her and her dead grandmother, and discovers a power over her mourning grandfather. She can’t resist playing dress-up, but it becomes unclear who is inhabiting who.

Lucía Aleñar Iglesias

Born in Madrid, Lucía is a screenwriter and director who currently lives in New York. She is completing the last semester of her master's degree in screenwriting from Columbia University. She previously earned her BA in Film from the New York University. She working as a line producer for documentary directors such as Peggy Stern or Tina Di Feliciantonio and Jane Wagner. She has assisted casting director Jennifer Vendetti.


  • · 11/06/2021 - 19:45 at Teatro Salón Cervantes